“The source and center of all man's creative power. . . is his power of making images.”
                    ~Robert Collier, American motivational author

The pictures we share can compel an audience to thought and action. Perhaps more importantly, when those images grab an audience's attention, they can cultivate a loyal viewership.

Working on-camera and behind the scenes shooting and editing, I've learned the importance of presenting the best images to create a setting, and convey the story.

A look at the big trend of personalizing your ride; auto; car; cars; customized; rims; tinting; Dressing from the inside out...; concord; massachusetts; fashion; feng Shui; A scenic srive through New Hampshire's White Mountains; new england; New Hampshire; white mountains; autumn; fall foliage; What is going on with the housing market?; boston; Housing; real estate;

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