Successful communication in any medium begins by choosing the best words to represent key ideas.

Whether pitching a story, writing a script, detailing the production needs, or crafting a feature article-- the ability to efficiently relay a message in an engaging manner is a fundamental skill in presenting information that captivates.

My enthusiasm for sharing information, coupled with my undergraduate and post-graduate studies with internationally recognized poets, essayists, and critics, has made me a detail-oriented writer with the ability to communicate ideas effectively...and creatively.

Recent Publications

"Crushin' Roulette"                     Weekly Dig                October 2008

"Look Past the Neon Marquis"        365 Days of Wine       October 2008

"Fits Almost Anywhere!"               Weekly Dig                September 2008

"Best Foot Forward"                    The Boston Globe       July 2008

"Off the Rack"                           Lovely Magazine         October 2007

"Gift Cards: Naughty or Nice?"        Lovely magazine         December 2007

"The Things We Keep"                  Lovely Magazine         August 2007


The Knowledge of Style

The Panache Perspective